Action Set Equal

This action sets existing data equal to the new data.

New data can be empty - this will reset the existing data to an empty value.

Example 1: Mark leads as qualified if their description contains certain keywords

Imagine you saved profiles from, for example, LinkedIn to a data table called "Linkedin profiles". Now you want to mark all those leads which have keywords "senior", "vp", "director" in their job title as qualified. For this, you can create a column which you can call, for example, "Status" and use this action to update rows with the word "qualified" in the cases where your condition is fulfilled.

This is the workflow set-up:

Loop is set up to iterate over profiles in your data table:

Start Condition is pointing to the column "Job position".

Set Condition is checking for the aforementioned keywords.

Now the column "Status" will be set equal to "qualified" as long as the condition above is met.

Example 2: Mark leads who received an outreach message with "Message sent"

A similar popular use case is to mark a message status as processed. Imagine your TaskBot will be sending out automated messages to a list of profiles. You can create a column called, for example, "Status message" and let your TaskBot update it with "sent" every time a DM is sent. Then by adding a condition to skip sending DMs on profiles who have a record "sent" in their "Status message" column, you can make sure that you never send repeated DMs to the same leads.

Example 3: Set profile visit status to "visited" to avoid visiting same profiles

Video Tutorial 1: Set Equal

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