After Repeat

Lets you do actions after loop iterations completed.

After Repeat building block must always be placed after Start Repeat building block. Below are some examples.

Example 1: Send yourself an email notification after your TaskBot finished its run

This is the workflow set-up where Start Repeat building block is set to loop through some actions. After Repeat is placed right after Start Repeat building block and ensures that TaskBot will send you an email once all loop iterations are completed.

Example 2: Chain multiple loops - first collect leads, then engage with them in the same run

After Repeat can produce 'workflow in workflow' effect since it lets you chain multiple independent loops within the same workflow.

Imagine that you set up a loop to collect leads, as described here: Save Lists, and you set up another loop to iterate over collected leads and visit each profile, as described here: Enrich Existing Data. You can create two separate TaskBots for these two scenarios. Or, you can use After Repeat to unite both in the same workflow, as shown below.

Video Tutorial

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