Delete Data

This action removes individual rows or all data in your data table.

Below you will learn more about the two available options.

Delete All Rows

All data is permanently removed.

It's a useful option if you regularly run your TaskBot to collect data and want to overwrite old data with newly collected data on every run. Simply place Delete Data building block at the beginning of your workflow before any loops start.

Delete One Row

This option is useful for the case when you want to delete only if a certain condition is met.

Example: Remove disqualified leads if lead qualification status does not equal "qualified"

Imagine you collected a list of leads. Your TaskBot updated the column "Qualification" in the data table by checking for certain keywords. (There is an example set-up for auto-qualifying leads here: #example-1-mark-leads-as-qualified-if-certain-conditions-are-fulfilled.) Now every lead that is qualified is marked with the word "Qualified" in the data table. Your goal is to delete all the disqualified leads.

This is the workflow set-up:

The loop is set up to iterate over rows (see Start Repeat).

Start Condition building block sets the column "Qualification" as the reference.

Condition in Set Condition is set to filter out the qualified leads.

The last building block in this sequence is Delete Data and it deletes one row during each loop iteration, as long as the above condition was fulfilled.

Video Tutorial

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