When I Use Data from Table, No Data is Being Pulled

Whenever you use data from tables as source, you need to use the building block Start Repeat with the loop type Dynamic Loop to make your TaskBot loop through the rows in your table. Alternatively, add a reference to a variable, as variables can be used in any set-up with or without loops.

Consider these three set-ups:

Won't work: Referencing a table column without loop

The workflow is set up to open a link and then perform a click action.

The link in Open Link building block refers to a table reference. This won't work because a loop that iterates over the rows is missing.

Works: TaskBot loops through the table

Workflow set-up now contains a loop.

The loop type is dynamic in order to iterate over table's rows.

Works: Referencing a variable without loop

This is the same set-up as in the 1st case.

But the reference is now taken from variables, not from the table. This is correct and will work.

But I just want to use the first row of the table, I don't need to iterate over all rows

If you don't need to loop through all rows but just want to use the first row from your table (perhaps because you just want to test something), simply enter 1 to the repetition limit:

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