What Are Selectors

Every element on a website can be identified by its unique selector (CSS or XPath). Each time you want your TaskBot to interact with an element of a website, such as clicking a button, your TaskBot needs to know the selector of that element in order to perform that action.

Note: While ZeroWork supports both CSS and XPath selectors, in this guide we will focus on CSS selectors only, as they are more beginner- and intermediate-friendly. We expect more advanced users to be already familiar with how to use XPath selectors. Here is a page whith some basic information about XPath: How to Use XPath in ZeroWork (advanced).

Here is an overview of how to get selectors:

Are you wondering which way is the best? In the beginning, it may be enough to use the first two methods. These may also be enough if you automate websites other than social media. If you automate social media, then with time you will need to advance your skills by learning how to build your own selectors in order to build truly robust TaskBots.

Selectors: Introduction and Overview

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