Trigger Run via Webhook

Before you can use webhooks to trigger TaskBot run on your desktop agent, you need to log in to your agent, as described here: Log in to the Agent.

Go to your TaskBot builder page, open TaskBot Settings and click on Generate Webhook.

Once generated, you will be able to copy the link and use it to trigger TaskBot run programmatically. You can use this link in third-party applications such as Zapier, Make, Pabbly, etc. The webhook requires a POST method.

Beware that anyone with this link can trigger TaskBot run on your account. If you ever shared this link with anyone and now want to remove their access, you can either deactivate your webhook link or generate a new one.

Simply toggle Webhook is active option off. If the webhook is not active, it cannot be triggered.

To generate a new link, delete your current one by clicking on the trash bin icon and then click on Generate Webhook button again. This action will generate a new link, and the old one will be permanently deleted.

Send Dynamic Data

Currently, the webhook can only trigger a run. Soon, a new feature will be released which will enable you to also send dynamic data in your webhook.

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