No Selector is Found

The selector (CSS or XPath) is not found usually because one of the following problems occurred:

  1. In many cases, you may need to add delay time between building blocks (see Delay Times between the Building Blocks). Sometimes your TaskBot needs to have the results loaded first before it can search for a selector. Try increasing the delay time before the building block with the failed selector. Note: The delay should be increased NOT on the failing block but on the building block that precedes it!

  2. A common reason is that the selector that you copied may dynamically change. This means parts of the selector contain values that change dynamically every time the website is loaded. This happens especially often on social media platforms. To reliably solve this issue, build your own selectors following this guide How to Build Custom Selectors.

Read how to check in browser if your selector is correct: Check if Selector Is Correct and Unique.

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