My TaskBot Saves Some Data but Not All

If your TaskBot saves some results and does not save some others, most likely the problem is misconfiguration of the loop logic.

  1. Your TaskBot saves only one result per page but it should save all results from every page? This sounds like a missing nested loop, see here: Nested Loops - Handle Pagination.

  2. If your TaskBot only saves the first 10-20 results from the list, the problem may be the endless scroll. This is when some websites load results only when the user has scrolled down. ZeroWork handles this out of the box but in some cases your TaskBot may need you to set up some additional logic by using space or arrow down with a Keyboard Action block. Contact support to report the website where scrolling is not triggered automatically (Getting Support as a TaskBot Creator).

  3. Your TaskBot saves data to just one row? Perhaps you forgot to set up a loop - without a loop, TaskBot will always save data only to one row - see how to set up a loop here: Start Repeat.

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