Send Notification

This action sends an email notification to the recipient you specified.

Example: Check if cookies expired or are missing

You can set up a condition that checks for cookies being inserted correctly or being up to date. With the building block Check Web Element, the TaskBot checks whether or not it is logged in to the account when it opens the website. If it recognizes that there is a login form, then this means that the TaskBot is not logged in and hence the cookies are either expired or missing. In this case, the TaskBot does not continue with the run and instead sends an email notification.

This is the workflow set-up:

Check Web Element checks if a login form is present:

If a login form is present, then this notification will be sent:


I use a firewall, and I don't receive email notifications sent from the desktop agent

You might need to allow ZeroWork agent access to private network for emails.

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