Enable the TaskBot to be launched via your own proxies.

Step 1: Open Your Proxy Provider's Dashboard

Enter your proxy address, username and password.

For example, consider this proxy configuration provided by a commonly used proxy provider in the screenshot below.

Given this proxy configuration, then this will be the data you will need to enter.

  • Proxy address: (proxy IP followed by the port, separated by a colon)

  • Username: See username in 4th column

  • Password: See password in 5th column

IMPORTANT: Your proxy address should be entered as a combination of ip and port, separated by a colon mark. Example: Proxy ip is and the port is 21261. āŒ won't work because port is missing. āŒ won't work because port must be separated from ip. āŒ won't work because port must be preceded by a colon mark, not dot. āœ… will work.

Step 2: Open Settings and Enter Your Proxy Data

Simply click on the settings gear on the top right of your TaskBot page to access TaskBot settings and then enter your proxy credentials.

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