Save Lists

Example: Save list of profiles from LinkedIn search results

In this example, let's assume we want to save 10 profiles from a page.

Here is the workflow set-up:

Open Link opens the page where the list of profiles is displayed. Note: You should add a url that already contains all necessary search filters, similar to what you see on the screenshot below.

The loop is set at 10 to be able to save 10 results. The loop is set up in the Start Repeat building block.

Save Web Element building block saves profile links like so:


Data is always appended. But I want the new data to overwrite the old data on every run.

Use Delete Data building block before you start your loop.

How do I get rid of duplicates in my data table?

Use Remove Duplicates building block after your loop finished saving all the results.

How to save paginated results?

Check Nested Loops - Handle Pagination.

How to handle scrolling?

Scrolling is handled automatically by your TaskBot.

In-built auto-scrolling logic might fail in some cases. You may need to set up some additional logic by using space or arrow down with a Keyboard Action block. Contact support to report the website where scrolling is not triggered automatically (Getting Support as a TaskBot Creator).

Video Tutorial

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