TaskBot Sharing Options

Click on Share TaskBot on your TaskBot builder page.

There are two options how you can share your TaskBot.

Whether you use the option to share with specific user or generate a sharing link, a full copy of your TaskBot, including its parameters, variables and data tables, will be added to a receiving user's ZeroWork account. Your specific data will never be shared, which means that the receiving user's data tables will have empty rows and variables will have empty values.

Option: Share with specific user

Enter the email address of the account you want to send TaskBot to. A copy of your TaskBot will be sent to this user's ZeroWork Creator account.

You can activate a sharing link. Any user who you share this link with can pull a copy of your TaskBot to their ZeroWork Creator account.

By deactivating, your link will become inaccessible.

By resetting (see the renew icon on the right of the link 🔄), your current link will become inaccessible and a new link will be generated.


Are data tables, variables and parameters sent to the other user, too?

When sending a TaskBot to another account, everything is duplicated including the TaskBot logic (building blocks), all the data tables and their columns, variables and parameters. Only data inside the data tables and variables won't be duplicated in order to protect your privacy.

Is the data inside my data tables sent to the other user, too?

As mentioned above, no. But if you need to, you can export your data as CSV and send it to the other user, so that they can Import Data from CSV. The whole process takes just a few clicks on both sides.

Yes, the sharing link enables other users to duplicate your current TaskBot. So whatever changes you make, they are always reflected.

After sending to specific user, when will the user receive the TaskBot?

It takes just a minute or less to transfer the data to the other user. After you sent your TaskBot to another account, that user will see it in their list of TaskBots. They may need to reload their page to see the received TaskBot and its data tables.

Troubleshooting: After sending to specific user, the receiving user did not receive the TaskBot

Please ask them to reload their page.

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