My TaskBot Does Not Start Run

Common Causes

  • Not having the latest version of the agent. How to check if you have the latest version: How to Check Your Agent Version. You can install the latest version here:

  • Expecting to see a user interface. The agent has no user interface. This is normal and intended. The agent just 'sits' on your toolbar on top right on Mac or bottom right on Windows. The actual building of the TaskBots takes place at

  • Not using Chrome. Make sure you have the latest Chrome version installed. At the moment, ZeroWork only works on Chrome! No other browser is supported.

  • VPN interference. You might need to turn off your VPN when running TaskBots.

  • Firewall interference. You might need to turn off your firewall when running TaskBots.

  • Antivirus program interference. You might need to change to a different antivirus program or turn it off when running TaskBots.

  • Agent actually runs, it just runs with errors (for example, because you workflow set-up might be invalid). Open your run reports and check for errors. This is how you can access run reports inside the TaskBot that you are trying to run:

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