🆘Getting Support

Before you continue reading, ensure you have the latest agent version, see How to Check Your Agent Version. Most problems are resolved once the agent version is updated.

Use Available Resources

If something is not working as expected, read Common Problems to see if there is an article about the problem that you are experiencing.

Be sure to troubleshoot your workflow set-up by going through run report and its logs (see Using Run Reports).

If you are stuck with getting your TaskBot logic right, check these comprehensive help docs to read about selectors (see Using Selectors), building blocks (seeUsing Building Blocks), tables (see Using Tables), variables (see Using Variables) or loop logic (see Start Repeat).

Be sure to check our beginner crash course on YouTube.

How to Reach Support Team

To contact support, join Discord group and make your support inquiry in support channel. Alternatively, send your support request to support@zerowork.io. Response is faster on Discord than per email.

How to Make Your Support Request

For any support request, always include:

  1. Link to your workflow

  2. Screenshots of relevant logs and error details (see Using Run Reports)

  3. Video recording of your issue, if applicable

Special Case: Your Agent Doesn't Run

If your problem is related to not being able to start the agent or the TaskBot is not running at all, carefully review this article My TaskBot Does Not Start Run. If none of the suggested solutions in that article helped, reach out to support.

Special Case: Selector Is Not Found or Not Valid

If your selector is not found, we will not be able to build it for you. This means contacting support in this specific case will not be useful. These are your options to move forward:

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