⬇️Install the Agent

Agent is needed to run your TaskBots on your computer.

Agent does not have any user interface, it simply 'sits' on your desktop to run TaskBots. The actual building of TaskBots is done at https://creator.zerowork.io/creator/workflows.

Step 1: Download

Go to https://creator.zerowork.io/download-agent and download the agent for Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Install

On Mac

Move the agent icon to the Applications folder.

On Windows

Click on the downloaded exe file to initiate installation process. If asked to grant access or confirm that you really want to install the application, grant access and confirm.

Step 3: Double Click to Activate the Agent

Once the agent is installed, double click on it to activate it. Double clicking on the agent will make it appear on your toolbar, as shown below. On Mac, the toolbar is on top right and on Windows it's on bottom right. You will not see any user interface. This is normal and intended. 😊

If you see a security prompt by your operating system, such as "ZeroWork Agent is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?", click confirm / open.

Mac view

Windows view

Step 4: Confirm Successful Installation

Build a simple TaskBot that opens a link, as described here Open Link. (You can open any link - for example, just use a wikipedia page https://www.wikipedia.org/). This is meant as a test to confirm that the agent is working.

If you see a browser window popping up, opening that link and then quickly closing the browser window again, then your installation was successful! 🥳

How to Use Agent Options

You can click on the agent in your toolbar to see its options.

In the options, you can see the version of your TaskBot and its status (should be ready).

Mac view

Windows view

Video Tutorial: Install ZeroWork Agent

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