Check Web Element Identifies Selector as Found but Next Action Does Not

If Check Web Element building blocks determines selector as found but the next action (which is Click Web Element, Hover Web Element, Save Web Element, etc.) does not, there are mainly two things to consider.

  1. Increase selector timeout in the building block that fails by clicking on Advanced selector settings (see screenshot below). Note that the timeout setting is different from the delay time. Timeout includes the total selector finding and processing time. Some websites might have a ready selector but have non-standard js processing, so that, for example, the click event itself takes longer. Increase the timeout to 30-60 seconds. It doesn't affect the run speed because unlike delay times, the timeout is abandoned as soon as the selector is found.

  1. Some actions - especially click and hover - sometimes require a visible selector, so your Check Web Element building block might be finding a selector, but the following building block cannot perform the action required because the element is not in view. To solve this, try these steps:

  • First, check the option Must be visible on screen in Check Web Element building block. Run your TaskBot with that option checked. If result is not found, then you know that the selector is not visible, so you need to undertake steps to make the selector visible, so that the next action can be performed.

  • To make your selector visible, in most cases you need to scroll to it. First, test this assumption by adding a longer delay to Check Web Element (note: delay and not timeout this time) to allow manual interaction. Give it, for example, 30 seconds. During those 30 seconds, scroll manually to the element to get it into view and thus make it visible. Then let the TaskBot continue its run and see if the action now works. If it works, then solution is simple - you just need to add some scrolling (use Keyboard Action building block for that) to ensure you get your web element into visible view before clicking/hovering/saving it.

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