Save from Clipboard

This action saves your clipboard's content to a variable or data table.

Example: Save post link on LinkedIn

Imagine that you need a TaskBot that copies post links from LinkedIn and saves them. When the three-dot button to open more actions is clicked, you can see there is an option called "Copy link to post".

First, add a building block Click Web Element that will click on this option.

By clicking on copy link to post, the link is added to your clipboard. Now you can add Save from Clipboard building block in order to save the clipboard content to a variable or a data table.

Note that there is no clipboard isolation between TaskBots. Typically, it's a matter of milliseconds for the TaskBot to get the copied content and save it. However, if you run many TaskBots in parallel, all of which heavily rely on saving content from clipboard, this might be error-prone because content from clipboard might get mixed up across TaskBots.

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