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ZeroWork is dedicated to creators who want to build TaskBots that automate repetitive tasks such as typing, clicking and copy-pasting data in the browser.

TaskBots are designed to mimic human interactions on any website by clicking buttons, saving text, etc. They act like real human users! This enables automation without limits. 🚀

No coding required.

Typical Use Cases

  • Scrape: Collect LinkedIn profiles, FB group members, IG followers, Amazon products.

  • Enrich data: Enrich collected data by collecting data from individual pages such as email, job title, rating, reviews, etc.

  • Automate actions: Auto-send DMs, auto-like content, auto-follow, auto-fill out forms.

  • Transform data (calculate, filter, compare): Auto-qualify your leads based on keywords, location or activity, auto-format or tag collected data.

  • Add AI: Auto-post ai-generated blog posts, auto-comment with ai-generated comments, auto-reply to messages with ai, auto-send ai-generated product or prospect summaries to your email.

Getting Started

TaskBot Creation Process

Troubleshooting and Support

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