Delay Times between the Building Blocks

Delay times between the building blocks represent the amount of time that your TaskBot will wait between executing the building blocks. Some default times are set for some of the building blocks (such as Open Link or Insert Text or Data).

Delay time that you enter into a building block always kicks in after the action took place. So if you need delay before a certain action, you need to make sure to add delay time to the preceding building block.

Example: When loading a website, it makes sense to increase the delay time to allow for the website to load properly. Otherwise, the TaskBot may not find the elements it needs on a website that is not loaded and thus abort the run if you don't add an appropriate delay.

Picture: You can see that the delay time after Keyboard Action is set to 3 seconds to allow the website to process reload (R + CMD/CTRL + SHIFT is a shortcut for reloading the page).

Combine Automated and Manual Actions

You can increase the delay time after a certain building block to a few minutes if you want to execute a manual action while TaskBot is idle. For example, assume you want to manually handle the two-factor authentication. You can build a TaskBot that opens a website, waits for you to handle the authentication and does the rest of the actions automatically.

For example, in the screenshot below, the delay time is set at 90-100 (which is about 1.5 minutes). This delay time allows you to perform a manual step.

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