Enrich Existing Data

Here is the workflow set-up:

The loop is set to iterate over data table rows:

Open Link building block points to the data table column "Profile link":

The two last Save Web Element building blocks save job title and about me section:

Data table before run

Data table after run

Avoid visiting same profiles

You should avoid visiting the same profiles. Visiting same profiles over and over slows down your TaskBot runs and data generation. And it might also trigger anti-bot alerts. Some websites like LinkedIn track how many profiles you visit per day and block display if you exceed those limits. So do add extra logic to avoid visiting same profiles. The example below explains how to achieve that.

Add Update Data building block:

Create a new column in your data table (or Google Sheets) and call it "Profile visit status":

Use Update Data building block to mark that a profile was visited like so:

Now you need to set a condition that will check if a profile has already been visited or not. Add Start Condition and Set Condition building blocks like so:

Your Start Condition building block points to the "Profile visit status" column:

And your Set Condition building block ensures that TaskBot only opens those links that have not yet been visited:

The above set-up on how to prevent your TaskBot from visiting same profile links is also demonstrated in a video tutorial:

Video Tutorial

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