Start Repeat

This is how you can set up a loop to either iterate over rows in your data table, save a list of scraped data or repeat some other actions.

Start and End of the Loop

Loop starts right after Start Repeat building block. This means all building blocks that follow Start Repeat will repeat for the number of loop iterations.

Loop ends with the last building block.

If you want to make your TaskBot do some actions after the loop end, use the building block After Repeat.

Loop Types

There are two loop types. Standard loop saves new data by appending new rows to your data table. Dynamic loop iterates over existing rows in your data table.

More details and examples here:


Your TaskBot can continue where it left off in the previous run. Learn more about it here:

In a standard loop type, your TaskBot can auto-detect the number of elements in a given list. Learn more about it here:

Nested Loops

Nested loops are primarily used to paginate through results. Learn more about it here:

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