• When you use Scheduler for the first time, you need to log in to your agent (see instructions here: Log in to the Agent).

  • During the scheduled time, your agent must be active. That means if you quit it or restarted your computer after which you didn't activate the agent, the scheduled task won't happen because there is no agent to run it.

  • During the scheduled time, your computer must be turned on and active. You may want to adjust your sleep mode and battery settings to ensure that your computer doesn't turn off or switch to a sleep mode for the time that the TaskBot is scheduled to run.


Can I schedule multiple TaskBots in parallel?

Yes, you can run parallel scheduled jobs - just make sure your computer has enough capacity to handle multiple parallel executions.

I want to run my scheduled TaskBots on a dedicated device but I want to keep building and running TaskBots manually on my current device without interfering with the scheduled TaskBots. How to achieve this?

Let's say, you have a dedicated computer A where you want to run your scheduled TaskBots, and you have computer B where you want to continue building and running TaskBots (in this case running means that you manually click on the run button).

To enable this setup, follow these simple steps:

  • Install the agent on both computers A and B.

  • Log in to your scheduler inside the agent on your computer A (as described here: Log in to the Agent).

  • Do not log in inside the agent on your computer B.

Explanation: Your agent needs to be logged in only for scheduled runs. By logging in only to the agent that runs scheduled TaskBots, you can ensure that the second agent won't pick up on any scheduled TaskBots and you can use it for manual runs.

I forgot to turn on my computer at the time of the scheduled run. Will it still run?

No, if the agent is inactive at the time when the scheduled run is supposed to start, then the scheduled run is skipped.

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