How to Build Custom Selectors

If copying selector does not produce reliable results, you need to build your own selector. We strongly recommend you to learn how to build your own selectors. Building custom selectors will allow you to create truly robust TaskBots that work reliably over time. Maybe you have tried other RPA or bot builder tools and are frustrated why bots break or do not work reliably over time. The answer is almost always this: You need more robust selectors, simply copying them is often not enough. And it's even more true if you build automations for social media.

The great news is that you do not need any coding skills to learn how to do it!

Here is what you need to learn in order to build your own selectors. Scroll below to find the video crash course as well.

Note: As mentioned earlier, ZeroWork supports both CSS and XPath selectors, but in this guide we will focus only on CSS selectors. More details on XPath: How to Use XPath in ZeroWork (advanced).

pageBasic Concepts of SelectorspageOne Element Can Have Many Selector ExpressionspageCheck if Selector Is Correct and UniquepageExact or Loose MatchpageHierarchypageCombine Filters with Standard CSS LogicpageLists: Incremental CSS SelectorspageAddressing Siblings

Selector Crash Course: Complete Guide

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