Workflow Has More than One Starting Building Block

This means that either you have more than one disconnected starting building blocks or some of the building blocks are not connected properly.

Example: Non-Connected Loose Building Block

Example: Building Blocks Are Connected Backwards

Consider the following set-up. The building blocks can only be connected top to bottom or left to right.

How to Identify the Failing Building Blocks

Option 1

Typically, you will see an error message like this:

Now you can simply search for these building block ids in order to find the ones that are set up incorrectly:

Option 2

Use the auto-line feature (see Auto-Align) to align the workflow from left to right or top to bottom. This will place any loose or incorrectly connected building blocks into view.

It's recommended to first duplicate your TaskBot as a back-up copy before you click on auto-align because this operation might transform the flow of your building blocks into a visual view you do not like.

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