Switch or Close Tab

This action closes a tab or switches to a new tab.

Latest Tab or Tab Number

The latest tab corresponds to the very last tab on the farthest right.

The tab number corresponds to the tab number in the overall order. For example, if you chose Tab number and entered 1, this corresponds to the 1st tab on the farthest left. If you entered 2, it corresponds to the tab after that.


What happens if an active tab is closed?

Here is the default behavior: When you use action Close and TaskBot closes the currently active tab, it will make the next tab on the right active, but if there is no tab on the right, it will switch to the next one on the left. If the default behavior is not what you need because you want to make some other tab active, simply add another Switch or Close Tab building block with action Switch.

If there are no open tabs after the closing action, the TaskBot will terminate its run. In this case, you will see these messages in your logs (in your TaskBot run reports):

When I watch TaskBot run and it switches to a new tab, the tab still stays in the background.

This is normal and not an error. The TaskBot makes a new tab active but it doesn't bring it to the front. This doesn't impede TaskBot run. If this is inconvenient for you because this impedes you from watching TaskBot perform its actions, either click manually on the tab that the TaskBot switched to or add another Switch or Close Tab building block to close the tabs that are inactive.

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