Insert Text or Data

This action inserts text or data.

Example input

Using a variable or data table reference

By clicking on V (variable) or DT (data table) on top right, you can add references to dynamic data.

Using spintax

Spintax lets you vary content of your messages. See more details here: Spintax.

Selector is optional

As opposed to other building blocks that do website actions, selector (CSS or XPath) is optional here.

If you do not enter any selector, your TaskBot will insert content where the mouse cursor currently is.

In most cases, you will need to use a selector. (Learn more about selectors here: What Are Selectors).

However, some websites may conveniently place the mouse cursor on the input field that you need to insert content to. This is usually the case for search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc.) or websites like Wikipedia. You can try it yourself - open Wikipedia, and you will see that your mouse cursor is directly on the search input without you having to click on it.


When I use a data table reference, I get an error that there was no data, although there is data in the data table.

This is because you didn't set up a dynamic loop to pull the rows from the data table. Please see the solution here: When I Use Data from Data Table, No Data is Being Pulled.

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