Deactivate Building Blocks

You can use Deactivate option when you right-click on the selected building blocks. Your TaskBot will then skip the deactivated blocks when it runs.

You can activate the building blocks at any time by right-clicking on Activate.

To activate or deactivate multiple building blocks at the same time, click Shift and drag with the mouse, followed by right-clicking. To select multiple individual building blocks, click CMD (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) + mouse click.

After deactivating, the building blocks will be marked grey.

Skip Entire Sequences

By disconnecting a chunk of the workflow and deactivating its first building block, you can skip entire sections of your workflow.

Skip Loop

By deactivating Start Repeat block, you can skip the entire loop sequence.

Special Case: Conditional Paths

If you deactivated a conditional building block and its conditions (as shown below), your TaskBot cannot know which path to continue. In this scenario, the next building block will be picked randomly.

To ensure that the next building block after the deactivated conditions is not picked randomly, consider re-organizing your workflow like this:

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