Keyboard Action

This action hits the keys of a keyboard. The keys can be, for example, Enter, backspace, ->, <-, individual letters or shortcuts such as CMD+C/CTRL+C.

Tip 1: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Check available shortcuts for your application. By using these shortcuts, you will be able to save a lot of time and skip many building blocks.

Useful resources:

Tip 2: Use Tab

In pretty much every application, you can tab your way through to virtually any element. Using tab can be especially useful when you need to fill out forms.

Try it out yourself! Go to and start pressing Tab. You will see how you can navigate through the options this way. Next, try pressing Enter when an option is in focus after tabbing to it - you will see that the element in focus opens. Now, for example, you can count how many tabs you need to get to the option "Wiktionary" - as of today, we needed to press Tab 9 times and then press Enter.

Tip 3: Use Shift + Tab

With Tab you can navigate your way forward and with Shift + Tab you can navigate your way backwards. Order matters, so be sure to first add Shift and then Tab (as opposed to Tab, then Shift).

Tip 4: Use Escape

Is there a pop-up asking something or a chatbot that pops up and disrupts your TaskBot or a dropdown that needs to be closed before your TaskBot can proceed? Very often, the solution to this problem is to let your TaskBot hit the key Escape.

Tip 5: Reload Page

You can use CMD + R (Mac) / CTRL + R (Windows) to reload the page. Note that CMD and CTRL are displayed as Meta in our application.


If you think Keyboard Action building block is not working as expected, please review this page with common issues: Keyboard Action Is Not Working As Expected.

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