Stop Run If Selector Is Not Found Option

You can find this option in Save Web Element building block, as shown below.

If left unchecked, TaskBot will continue its run until the same selector (CSS or XPath) cannot be found more than 10 times. If checked, TaskBot will stop immediately.

Note: If the syntax of your selector (CSS or XPath) is not valid (as opposed to not found), TaskBot will stop immediately and generate an error report, ignoring whether or not you checked this checkbox.


If selector (CSS or XPath) is not supposed to be found at all times, add Check Web Element building block before the saving action. For example, assume you intend to save "About Me" section of profile pages where some profiles fill out that section and some don't. In this case, you should place Check Web Element before Save Web Element to make sure that saving action is only triggered if "About Me" text is found. Otherwise, you run the risk that TaskBot will stop its run after 10 profiles who did not fill out their "About Me" section.

Why limit

Overall max limit to 10 helps avoid infinite loops where TaskBot is stuck running (possibly for hours) saving empty rows because of a faulty selector.

What to do if selector is not found?

Please see this page: No Selector is Found.

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