How to Check Your Agent Version

There are two ways to check if you have the latest agent version.

  1. Checking for updates

If you have the latest version, you will see the following message:

If there is an updated version, it will be installed and you will need to confirm agent restart.

⚠️ If for some reason, when you click on "Check for updates", nothing happens and no dialog is opened, it's likely you have an outdated agent version. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Compare old and new version

Open your agent options and check your installed agent's version:

Now open the general agent download page (

If the version displayed on this page is higher than what you see in your agent options, then you have an outdated agent.

How to update your agent

Either click on "Check for updates" and let the new version be installed (you will need to confirm agent restart, once done) or deinstall your current version and install manually a new one from

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