Run Non-Incognito

After you select this option, your TaskBot will keep re-using the same browser session for its runs (as opposed to using a new browser environment in incognito mode each time it runs).

Simply click on the settings gear on the top right of your TaskBot page to access TaskBot settings and then select this option:


How do I make TaskBot log in to my accounts since I can't use cookies while running non-incognito?

When using this option for the first time, you need to manually log in to the websites that TaskBot should interact with. You can create a simple TaskBot with one single building block Open Link and activate Stay on Page after Run option - once your TaskBot opens that link, log in to your account.

After one-time login, the logged in session will persist.

Troubleshooting: I cannot run multiple TaskBots in parallel while using non-incognito session!

This option can only be used for one TaskBot run at a time. You can't run multiple TaskBots in parallel if you are using a non-incognito session.

Also note that if you activated Stay on Page after Run option in combination with Run Non-Incognito, you will need to close that page first before TaskBot can re-use it.

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