Add Cookies

Enable your TaskBot to access your browser cookie session, so that it doesn't have to log in every time it runs in an incognito session.

If you ever log out from the website that you copied cookies from, this will invalidate the cookie session. So if you log out, be sure to re-copy and re-paste your cookies again!

Your cookies may expire over time. Simply copy them again and paste to your TaskBot workflow, as described below.

If you activated Run non-incognito option, cookies will be ignored. To learn how to log in to your accounts while running non-incognito, please review this page: Run Non-Incognito.

Step 1: Copy Cookies

Download this free-of-charge plugin EditThisCookie:

Click on the puzzle sign on your Chrome bar and pin it, like shown below.

Go to the website for which you need to get cookies. For example, if you are building a TaskBot for LinkedIn, open, make sure you are logged in, click on the EditThisCookie plugin and click on Export button - marked red in the screenshot below. That action will copy your cookies to your clipboard.

Step 2: Paste Cookies to ZeroWork

Now return to your TaskBot builder page, open TaskBot Settings and enter your cookies in the appropriate box. Now you are good to go!

Video Tutorial: How to Add Cookies

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